Cowes Week - credits Don Manson


Collective Spirit will be visiting Kings College for her London debut in October as part of The Arts & Humanities Festival 2012 which will explore the theme of Metamorphoses: Transformations and Conversions in the Arts & Humanities through lectures, performances, screenings, talks and more.

Collective Spirit will be exhibited throughout in the Quadrangle on the Strand Campus between 09.00-20.00 for viewing every weekday from 15-27 October (not open on weekends) More info here.

Boatside Gatherings will take place on the 16th, 18th, 22nd and 24th of October BOOK HERE from KCL's website.

The 16th October is the day to join us if you are keen to get the most out of your Boat Project experience with the following program of events taking place in addition to Boatside Gatherings, but dont forget to book in advance following the links provided;

Inaugural Lecture: Alan Read: Stage Hands: The Manual Labour of Performance: 18.00 - 19.30
Taking its starting point from the pre-historic invention of the spectator in the caves of Peche Merle this talk considers three foundational conditions of performance: audience, act and acclamation. Each is inaugurated by a small gesture, or manual labour, that marks the transition from individual to observer, from viewer to participant, and from indifference to engagement. BOOK HERE

Gary Winters & Gregg Whelan Boat Project talk: 20.15 - 21.15
As part of The Boat Project exhibition, on the evening of 16 October there will be a talk by Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters of Lone Twin on how the project grew across some 12 years of research and development and how the boat, made from thousands of individual wooden items, was designed and painstakingly constructed by a brilliantly talented team of boatbuilders and an army of volunteers. BOOK HERE

Ships Log Concert by Thirty Pounds of Bone: 21.30 - 22.45
For Collective Spirit's visit to London Thirty Pounds of Bone performs the complete Ships Log and for the gig is joined by special guests Mary Hampton, Marc Beatty from Brakes/Tenderfoot and Alex and Thomas White from Brakes/Electric Soft Parade. An evening on excellent musicianship and extraordinary tales of life aboard a unique boat. BOOK HERE